What is a song salon?

A salon is a gathering, usually in a home, where attendees can experience arts, ideas, or discussions up-close and personal. Musical salon programs are often called “house concerts”. We promote singers and pianists performing in such concerts in Montgomery County, Maryland. Some of these events will be formal recitals, while others might contain elements of cabaret, revue, musical theatre, or the spoken word, with songs as the main material.

The emphasis will be on art song, an elusive term that might be loosely synonymized as “classical solo vocal music”. An art song is usually defined as a setting of a poem or other literary text for voice and piano, intended for a concert performance.

Many composers of vocal music have borrowed styles from non-classical genres, and may have written for the concert stage, cabaret, musical theatre, and opera. The lines between genres can be quite blurry! ASA hopes to explore this delightful mess.

Well-crafted song programs charm in different but equally rewarding ways when compared to opera and musicals. The magic of a song program can happen anywhere there is a piano and some space for listeners. We look forward to sharing that with you.