House concerts in suburban Maryland!

Hello and welcome to a new project, born out of the strange, crazy year 2020!

House concerts are a lot of fun. I put on my first one last year, and was on track to do another this spring/summer when, well, you know what happened.

I started to see lots of people doing streams with services like Stream Ally, which seems to be a frame around a YouTube live stream that allows people to tip the performer in real time. It got me to thinking. Yes, I’d like to do something similar with streaming, but how about also allowing tips in person? I reflected back to fundraising events with silent and regular auctioneered auctions, where people with money to give were poised with cell phones ready.

So the Maryland Song Salons are going to use some of these ideas to support singers as the programs get going. Sometimes the singer will be me. In time, I will share the stage with others.

That’s the plan.


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