For singers

We are promoting local singers in local venues! ASA leverages technology to promote and compensate singers and create connections between local performers and local audiences.

Here’s how it works:

We set up a performance date and put it on the ASA calendar. The calendar listing, social media posts, and any reminder emails will have a link to where we will post your online payment details. This will go up the day of your performance, to be available just before, during, and for a week after your performance. This makes it easy for people to give you some in-the-moment financial love with their phones. Easy access with a “pay what you can” approach can sometimes yield some nice compensation, but there is no guarantee!

It’s all very flexy, thanks to almost no overhead and easy technology. This is grass roots – singers self-producing! If you prefer just a link to your website instead, or whatever, we will work out in advance how the audience can connect with you and/or pay you.



Show your support for our performers and for ASA at the links below here:

Hilda Persichetti, soprano

Venmo: [email protected] (will be  a link)

Paypal: [email protected] (will be  a link) (will be  a link)

Reynaldo Nochebuena, piano

Zelle: 301-771-0910 (will be  a link) (will be  a link)

Brian Lee, organizer

Paypal: [email protected] (add a paypal button)